About Us
This page just tells a bit about how we got started and why we provide this service at no charge.

Education-Exchange.org was organized by Dr. Gove Allen in May of 2004. As a home-schooling father, he saw the need to provide a way for people interested in homeschooling to communicate in an advertisement-free environment. The first phase of the project is to provide a location for individuals who present at homeschooling conferences a free place to post any handouts or additional resoureces that they use with thier presentations. Along with a way for people who use the material to contact the presenter in a way that does not expose the presenters email address in the Internet environment.


The purpose of this site is two fold. The site's primary purpose is to support families in their homeschooling efforts. The secondary purpose pertains to academic research. Dr. Allen is a professor of Information Systems at Tulane University in New Orleans. One of the research areas that has interested him for several years is user interface design. At some point in the future, The sight may undergo some expermental changes, where upon members may be asked to respond to an optional survey regarding the changes.


Although the site will not be undergoing major renovations in the near future, we are interested to hear what services you think would be helpful to families in the process of homeschooling. Email Professor Allen with any suggestions. Also send a message if you'd be interested in helping with the development of the site. The site is developed using PHP and MySQL, so if you have experience in these areas, you help would be especially welcome.